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About Us

Gross National Product - (GNP Frame) produces high quality custom frames in bulk or one at a time. For almost 20 years GNP Frame has been the leading wholesale custom picture frame manufacturer, servicing to the photographic industry. Our reputation is built on our innovative design, quality and customer service. We currently provide our frames to many of the largest companies in the photography and ecommerce markets, in addition to thousands of independent professional photographers. We look forward to serving all your framing needs!


Please note: As of January 01, 2013 our shipping address AND the address to mail prints to is:

21139 Centre Pointe Parkway,
Santa Clarita, CA 91350.

Please do not use any other address.

The following information should help you to order from GNP Frame.

- Click the link on the top right 'apply for a wholesale account' and fill out the form. You will receive account information within 1-2 minutes.

- log into your account with your user ID and password. You must be logged in to see prices, upload images and add products to your cart, and you will be timed out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

- There are several HELP? buttons on the ordering page, clicking any of these will give you additional ordering tips.

- from the shop our products list select the product that you wish to order.

-You will be taken to the frame creator, if not click the create my frame tab in the center of the screen.

- follow steps 1-4 and don't forget your add on options at the bottom. (NOTE: All sizes quoted are either print or frame opening sizes and DO NOT include any moulding width. It is important to remember that the mat/frame will crop 1/4" off each side of your print, so consider adding a 3/16" border to your images if do not want to loose any visible image. This is especially important for images smaller than 5x5).

- for custom layouts and custom sizes up to 30x40, choose the next closest size up and then add special instructions for the specific sizing. In the special instructions tell us the size and layout details.

- for sizes over 30x40 email us for a custom quote.


GNP Frame uses 3/16" framing foam core. If you need the metal flex points in your frame to help you with print placement, you need to add foam core backing to your frame only order. Foam core backing comes as standard with any frame with a mat.


What is Glazing? - Glazing is a general term used to describe the transparent material covering the artwork as a means of protection, such as glass or plexi glass.

- None: You will not receive any glazing with your product.

- Glass: Regular framing glass without any special finishes, coatings or resistance to breakage (non laminated). We do not offer glass above 20x24 max. Orders requesting glass over this size will automatically be shipped with clear acrylic.

- Standard acrylic has no coatings, no matte finish, and no tint. It is lightweight, highly resistance to breakage and recommended for any piece hanging in a public place. It is translucent and optically pure. Acrylic is more optically pure than standard framing glass. Regular glass has a green tint, which is readily visible if you place a piece of glass on white printer paper. Standard acrylic does not offer any UV protection.

- Non-glare acrylic has a matte finish on one side to reduce the glare from light. Non-glare acrylic will cause a noticeable loss of sharpness unless it is against the print. Non-glare will not completely eliminate the glare of light, but will reduce it considerably and make the picture frame much more presentable in poor lighting conditions. The drawbacks are higher cost and a possible slight loss of sharpness. The best way to display an image is with standard acrylic and proper lighting so that no glare is created. Non-glare acrylic offers a very small amount (around 10-15%) UV protection.

- Museum Glass® anti-reflection picture framing glass with Conservation Grade UV Protection is the best glazing option available for art, photographs and other important personal keepsakes. Along with its nearly invisible finish, it effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays so framed pieces remain clearer and brighter for longer. Museum glass is only available up to 20x24 max.

Acrylic Cleaning and Static Removal

- Many people like Brillianize, a one-step cleaner and polish for acrylic. Brillianize is readily available on both ebay and amazon. Another way to reduce the static charge is by wiping the acrylic down with a damp cloth while it still has the covering. This a great method if you are in a hurry to get the frame assembled, but don't want all the dust in the room to be pulled onto the acrylic.

- Do not use paper towels to clean acrylic. Paper towels are the equivalent of wadded, ground-up twigs. Micro fiber cloths, however, work very well.

Please note that if you choose print assembly or prints to come option, we only offer either of the acrylic options to finish your product.

- If you upload an image for printing, set the print assembly option to YES.

- It is not necessary to upload an image to place an order, however, if you require printing and assembly then it will be necessary for you to upload an image (see below for image upload details).

- Once you have all your products in the shopping cart, you can enter any notes for the order in the special instructions box. Don't forget to click save notes.

- Due to bandwidth restrictions, we include only low resolution pictures in our email confirmations. We do not include the hi res image that you uploaded (see below for image upload details).

- Our minimum order is $40. You will not be able to proceed to the checkout until you have met the $40 minimum.

- When you have completed the add to cart process and are ready to check out, it is important to proceed through the check out process by following the steps BELOW the line, and NOT by clicking on the 5 steps above the line.

- There are several HELP? buttons on the ordering page, clicking any of these will give you additional ordering tips.

Print Assembly Options:

•No: We will not print the uploaded image. You will perform your own assembly and finishing. For photos without mats, you will need a point driver gun available from your hardware store or, upgrade your order with foam core back to receive flex / hard points. For photo's with mats, you will need 1" wide sticky tape to attach the photo to the back of the mat along the full length of each side. In all cases, if you want to finish the back (like our assembly service) then you will need to purchase craft paper and double sided tape. Frames are shipped with a wirekit for hanging. This requires a screwdriver.

•Print Assembly: (GNP Frame's Full Service Framing option) We will print your uploaded file, (already cropped and sized). All prints are printed and mounted via our partner whcc.com. Your product will be received with your beautiful image(s) mounted and framed completely finished with paper backing and attached wire hanging kit. Product will be ready to hang right from the box! All assembly orders are finished with either clear acrylic plexi glass or non-glare plexi if you request it.

•Prints to Come: This option allows you to send us any image you may already have printed or you can drop ship your prints from any lab in the country and we will completely frame and finish the product and ship to the desired address.

All images are printed as uploaded with WHCC. We do not change or offer any color correction services or graphical changes to your image files. When using a new lab we always recommend that you visit their website and calibrate your monitor and system to their specifications. WHCC uses sRGB color space as default, if you are using any other color space, please indicate that in your order. Images need to be 300dpi, min 700kb, 8MB - 10MB max.

The print assembly option includes a basic lustre color print. Any other print finishes offered by WHCC are available as a special request in the order instructions. The charge for these additional options will be charged as a separate charge and at WHCC list price, to the card on file for your order. Please note, we do not offer canvas stretching services. If you wish to have a canvas stretched, it will need to be mounted on stretchers prior to shipping it to GNP Frame.

Average production time is 5-7 business days. Please allow for additional season production time. All orders are shipped FedEx ground from Southern California. Orders shipped outside the 48 contiguous lower states will incur an additional shipping charge. Please contact us in advance for a shipping quote.


Shipping to Canada is classed as International by FedEx and UPS. International shipping fees by dimensional weight will apply as will duties and taxes. Only small frames up to around 16x20 can ship via the USPS, but additional charges and fees would apply.

Shipping to all other countries: Yes, we can help you with an international shipment. You will need to make pick up and shipping arrangements from our location once your order is ready. We can quote international shipping for you on an order by order basis, however we have found that you making your own arrangements is usually much less expensive and more convenient. As 99% of what we ship is large or oversize, we have to quote on an specific order by order basis. If you already use a freight forwarder, we would be happy to ship to their US 48 location, and you could then make the remaining shipping arrangements.
All international shipments are quoted on an order by order basis, as the address and full order details for sizing are needed for the quote.

Please let us know if you have any further questions, we are happy to help.

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